Bulembu Clinic

Bulembu Clinic

Essential to Bulembu’s Community Care strategy is providing superior health care for the rapidly growing community. A fully functioning clinic has been established in the town providing 24-hour medical service to all residents with the ability to transfer patients in critical condition to nearby hospitals. Each week, an average of 80 patients are treated with a staff of six.

The clinic also is an accredited T.B. treatment site and does A.R.V. refills. Most recently, the clinic now initiates and monitors patients on A.R.V's.  There is a small emergency room equipped with monitors and a dressing room where minor surgical procedures can be done. They offer ante-natal, post-natal, immunizations and family planning services (but not maternity services, these are referred to the nearest hospital).

The Bulembu Clinic will continue to expand to meet the needs of the community as it continues to grow.

 Clinic Ambulance

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